Thoughts On Millenial Bashing

I get really annoyed when I read Millenial bashing articles, but this one–written by a Millenial, no less–really got to me.   Yes, Millenials do dumb shit; who doesn’t?  What really pissed me off was the unabashed self-hatred spewn at her own generation by the managing editor of a (decently well-reputed) news outlet.

And my response…

Teresa Mull, please accept the positive intent behind this advice. I thought this piece was a satire, but I was wrong. This one-sided piece of criticism than lacks any evidence of critical thinking about why Millenials have such perceived negative character traits. The entirety of this piece misguidedly directs all of its youthful angst at a generation of which many are still in their teens, living under the guidance and direction of their parents, Gen X and the Baby Boomers. If you want to find out where the Millenials developed any perceived abhorrent traits, then look up. We are products of those who raise us, but that does not have to define us in adulthood. As a 28-year-old Millenial, I have great hope for the future of this country. Yes, one can apply a generalized list of negative characteristics to Millenials, but every generation has its own (which you did mention in your introduction). Your article suggests a strong sense of the grass is greener, where Americans were better people in previous generations, but don’t knock this next generation yet; they’re still graduating from high school, college, and graduate school (at much higher levels than previous generations); they’re finishing careers in the military from which they’ve served selflessly in over a decade of war created by those of previous generations; and they’re still learning to identify their own sense of self and purpose in spite of the misguided teachings and economic policies of the generation that raised them.

I say all this to encourage you to use your position as a managing editor for good. Don’t fall in love with the green grass pastures of yesteryear generations; they created this mess. Help be a part of the solution instead.

Oh, and to ward off the negative backlash–
Yes, I’m a conservative.
Yes, I’m a patriot.
Yes, I’m a Christian.
Yes, I’m employed.
Yes, I’m happily married.

No, I didn’t vote for Obama.
No, I don’t support Obamacare.
Anything I missed?


I think it’s time to bring back some Old Economy Steve.


A Hopeful Millenial


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